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SRM Arms Unveils New Ringfire Less-Lethal Platform

New Design Prevents Discharge of Lethal Ammo in Designated Less-Lethal Shotguns

(Meridian, Idaho) SRM Arms today announced the development of a new line of SRM Arms Ringfire less-lethal 12 gauge ammunition. SRM designed its Ringfire ammunition to be fired exclusively with an SRM Arms Ringfire bolt, which will be available for the most commonly used law-enforcement shotguns, including the award-winning SRM Arms 1216. The Ringfire platform is designed specifically to eliminate accidental discharges of lethal ammunition in a designated less-lethal shotgun.

Jeff Hajjar, President of SRM Arms, said that he designed the Ringfire platform after consultation with law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities, the nation’s largest users of less-lethal launchers and ammunition.

“The message we heard from these agencies is that they need a 12 gauge less-lethal platform that will not fire a lethal 12 gauge round,” said Hajjar. “The issue boils down to liability for the officers and safety for the public. With our patented Ringfire platform we solve both of those problems.”

The Ringfire platform utilizes SRM’s less-lethal ammunition and bolt group, which can used seamlessly in the SRM Arms 1216. It is designed so that, if a lethal 12 gauge round is accidently placed in designated less-lethal shotgun using the Ringfire system, the firing pin will not strike the center of the shotshell and the round will not fire. In addition to SRM’s Ringfire platform, the company will also manufacture Ringfire bolt upgrade kits for popular 12 gauge shotgun models being used by law enforcement and corrections agencies.

“By manufacturing a Ringfire bolt for popular law enforcement shotgun models, it will allow for the immediate adoption of the Ringfire system without agencies being required to buy new shotguns for their departments,” said Hajjar.

SRM Arms is currently demonstrating the Ringfire platform for Idaho-based law enforcement and corrections officials. The platform will be rolled out nationwide later in 2019.

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Ringfire™ Less-Lethal 12-gauge Shotgun Line-up

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