The SRM 1216 Ringfire™ Story

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A poster showing the new Ringfire™ series of less-lethal firearms.

Where in the world can you find the safest less-lethal shotgun? Maybe in Germany, Austria, or Italy? What if I told you that you could find the world’s safest non-lethal shotgun right here in the USA? The SRM 1216 Ringfire™ is a state-of-the-art 12 gauge less-lethal shotgun that shoots up to 16 drag-stabilized bean bag rounds per magazine. Unlike our competition, the 1216 Ringfire™ will not fire lethal 12-gauge rounds for maximum safety and protection. Our Ringfire™ series of less-lethal weapons came out of a need in our local community in Meridian, Idaho. Law enforcement, corrections officers, and military forces required less-lethal tools to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations. With the addition of less-lethal shotguns in the arsenal of security forces, situations can now be resolved in a safer manner. The 1216 Ringfire™ makes for a solid self-defense weapon with unmatched quality! Like all our weapons, the 1216 Ringfire™ is made in America by some of the finest craftsmen in the business. Click here to learn more about this amazing less-lethal shotgun.

Pictures showing the SRM 1216 Ringfire™.

Pictures showing the SRM 1216 Ringfire™.