Call: 304-274-AUTO (2886)

Warranty Information

  • Please ship your gun to this address:  
  • SRM Arms, Inc.
  • 4375A West McMillan
  • Meridian, ID 83646
    1. 1. Remove all accessories.
    2. 2. Make sure it is unloaded.
    3. 3. Include a brief description of the problem.
    4. 4. Include the return address, contact name and phone number so SRM Arms can contact you.
    5. 5. Make sure if it is shipped in a hard case that it is not locked.
    6. 6. Once SRM has received the gun, and it is determined to be under warranty, a technician will make necessary repairs and if needed, may call the customer to discuss the findings.
    7. 7. If it is determined the gun is not within the warranty parameters, the customer will be responsible for cost of the repair work and return shipping of the gun. A SRM technician will call first before doing any work that is not under warranty.
  • Contact an SRM technician at 208-887-9395