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16-Round, Revolving Shotgun? The SRM Arms Model 1216—Full Review


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Military Arms Channel:   Press Releases "The 1216 is the first of its kind in the tactical shotgun arena,” said Jeff Hajjar, President of SRM Arms. Testimonials  "Duck Hunters, these boys at SRM are better with shotguns than I am with ducks. They make mediocre shotguns great, and great shotguns even better!!! Demand dependability. The folks at SRM are the best." -Phil Robertson “The Duck Commander". ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Smaller and lighter than I expected, but fits real well when I snap it up to firing position. I put 4 fully loaded mags through with no problem. Three of them were 8 1/2 bird shot and the last was #9 "00" buck and the gun handled it beautifully. It looks and functions great so I wanted to drop you a quick line just to let you know that the thing is a beast and I love it!"                                  - Rich M. and Thank you to Luke at for providing us this customer feedback. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "When I first saw the 1216 I was amazed at it’s small and compact size. Fit and finish are first rate and the gun felt like something I have always used. It was love at first sight. It shoots really nice, but kicks like a 12Ga, which is no surprise and no problem. The magazines feed what ever I put in them, as long as they’re aligned properly which, along with mag changes, just need a little practice to make operation perfect and  changes quickly. The machinery and design are brilliant and the basic platform will probably be right up there with the 1911 and AR15 frames, in years to come. Hat’s off to the folks in ID, even if it’s too cold for me to live up there. Thanks for providing me the close-range fire power I have always needed. I also LOVE the Trijicon sight for its quick and accurate target acquisition."                                                                                  -  Dr. John K., MD, Gheens, LA and  Thank you to Luke at for providing us this customer feedback. Press Inquiries For any and all press/media inquiries for SRM Arms, please contact