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The Perfect Law Enforcement Shotgun.

  "It's hit the range with me three times, and each time I shoot the SRM 1216 I am more impressed. Everyone else who has handled it, including friends in the military and tactical law enforcement, has also given the weapon very high marks." -Leroy Thompson, Industry Leading Shotgun Writer  

Why is the 1216 the perfect weapon for Law Enforcement?

  1. Most importantly, the 1216 has the ability to quickly change bolts from lethal to less than lethal, making the 1216 a fast beanbag launcher. 2. The 1216 has ambidextrous controls that allow you to switch the safety, charging handle, ejection port, bolt release, and sling plate. 3. It has a variety of tactical advantages such as allowing you to easily shoot from a prone position, has the ability to shoot from within a vehicle, and the rotating magazine can act as a forearm for resting the shotgun flat surfaces such as a car door or barricade. 4. Unlike pump action shotguns, you can clear the 1216 in literally 2 seconds. Oh and did we mention it holds 16-rounds? For questions and additional information, Click here to contact us