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SRM Arms has designed a California legal shotgun to supply the demand for personal and home defense shotguns.

Our California compliant version has a magazine lock release that requires a tool to remove and attach the magazine. Unlike the after market “magazine locking device,” the SRM California compliant 1216 magazine lock is manufactured as a part of the shotgun. It is not an aftermarket system.

A common question is, “How is this shotgun legal if it’s more than 10-rounds?” The 1216 has a quad tube magazine that holds 4 rounds in each tube. After one tube of 4 rounds is dispensed, you must manually index the tube to the next chamber of 4 rounds. Because it’s not a continuous 10-rounds, and instead separated into 4 tubes, it complies with California’s law.

The image below shows a closeup on how to remove and insert the magazine using the magazine locking device:

Please review the chart below to see all features of the California legal 1216:

Click here for the larger version